Shiprock, New Mexico
Navajo Indian Reservation

Population: Approximately 8,156 Indians with an additional 10,000 people living in a 35 mile radius which is known as the Shiprock Chapter

Tribe: The Navajo Tribe, which counts its overall membership as 255,543

Location: Lies in the northeastern corner of the Navajo Nation, not far from the point where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona meet. Shiprock is the largest Navajo community in the Navajo Nation.

Economy: Roughly 40 percent live in poverty and reaches as high as 80 percent in some areas. The economy is based largely on herding and hunting.

Education: Only one quarter of the Navajo adult population has graduated from high school

Finance: The per capita income for the CPD IS $7,967.

Additional Information: Au’Inca works with churches, a women’s shelter, and children programs in this area. The charity has provided chairs, toys, food, diapers, beans, rice, backpacks, and other needed items. Also, Au’ Inca sends out a group of volunteers who does construction work on local churches.

Gallup, New Mexico
Christian Child Care Home

Christian Childcare Home is a home for children and babies. Either their parents were not able to take care of them, or they were abandoned. The home takes care of up to 30 children at one time. Au’Inca has provided diapers, clothing, blankets, and toiletries for this center.