Cibecue Springs, Arizona
Apache Indian Reservation

Population: 1,331 almost all Native American Indians

Tribe: The White Mountain Apache Tribe

Location: Lies in the mountains in the eastern central region of Arizona. It has been called an “Indian camp, farm and creek.” An Apache scout called the place “She-be-Ku”, meaning “My House”.

Economy: 68.7% of individuals live below the poverty level. Out of the total population, 70% of those under the age of 18 and over 65 are living below the poverty line. 76% depend on wood for their heating source, and only 7% have electricity for heating.

Education: 75% of the adult population did not finish high school.

Finance: There are no job opportunities except through the tribe. The sawmill which used to provide employment, has been shutdown since the fires in 2002.

Additional Information: Cibecue has become one of our adopted homes.¬† After the fires in 2002, Au’Inca has continued to bring supplies into this rural, isolated community. We deliver¬†several semi-trucks throughout the year. Au’ Inca passes out hundreds of food boxes, rice, beans, water, diapers, toys for the children, new bicycles, basketballs, toiletries, new clothes, shoes, medical supplies, and many other needed supplies to this area.