San Carlos, Arizona Apache Indian Reservation

Population: 3716 almost all Native America Indians

Tribe: The San Carlos Apache Tribe

Location: Lies in southeastern Arizona near Globe AZ

Economy: 58.8 percent of the population live below the poverty line. It has remained one of the poorest places in the entire United States and still suffers from very high unemployment and the inability to create new jobs, given its lack of resources.

Education:46 percent of the White Mountain adult population did not finish high school. American Indians have the highest drop out rate of any US racial group.

Finance: The largest employer is their government agencies. Many members of the tribe travel into the nearest town to find a place to work.

Government: The governing body of the San Carlos Apache Tribe shall be known as the San Carlos Council and shall consist of a chairman, vice-chairman, and nine members to be chosen. The chairman and vice-chairman are elected by popular vote of the Tribal members. The nine members of the Tribal Council are elected by four seperate districts.

Additional Information: Au’Inca has delivered and distributed cases of diapers, food boxes, clothes, and toys to the San Carlos Apache Reservation. We have worked closely with a church, the elderly center, and a employer of the Welfare Program to provide needed items to the people of this area.