Whiteriver, Arizona
Apache Indian Reservation

Population: 5220 almost all Native America Indians

Tribe: The White Mountain Apache Tribe

Location: Lies in the East Central region of Arizona; White River is the largest commmunity and the capital of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Economy: Roughly 51 percent of the population live below the poverty line. 46 percent depend on wood for their heating source. The economy is based on a ski resort and a timber mill.

Education: 46 percent of the White Mountain adult population did not finish high school. American Indians have the highest drop out rate of any US racial group.

Finance: There are job opportunities through the tribe. The tribe owns and operates a lumber mill, casino, hotel, and recreational events such as trout fishing and elk hunting. Unemployment remains high. And many young people feel trapped in a society of little hope.

Government: The Tribal Chairman of the White Mountain Apache Tribe serves a four year term of office upon election by a popular vote of tribal members. The chairman presides over all Tribal Council meetings, meets with world leaders, legislators, and dignitaries on behalf of the Tribe and exercises all authority delegated to him by law, ordinance or Tribal Council action. The Tribal Council consists of the Tribal Chairman, Vice Chairman, and nine Council members, elected from four seperate districts. Council members are elected to a four year term by popular vote of the tribe. The tribal Council represents the White Mountain Apache Tribe and its people and acts in all matters that concern the welfare of the Tribe, and to exercise all powers vested in the Tribe through its inherent sovreignty.

Additional Information: Because of the isolation, unemployment rate, and alchohol abuse, there is a high number of suicide attempts each year. Au’Inca has just started working with this rural community. Au’ Inca has delivered and distributed diapers and food boxes to this area. The charity is working closely with the Chairman to help the isolated areas of this tribe such as Cibecue.