A Special Word of Thanks to our Many Sponsors

The work that Feeding Americas Indian Children does on the Reservations would not be possible without the generous support of corporations and businesses that contribute food, clothing, diapers, and other much-needed supplies.

Over 94% of Feeding Americas Indian Children’s cash and in kind donations go towards programs.

On behalf of the Native American people Au Inca serves we would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You”.

Cormier Rice Milling Company
Adobe Milling Company
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Campbell Soup Supply Company
Wrangler Jeans/VFW Jeanswear
Pendleton Blankets
Caritas of Waco
JC Penney’s
Lance, Inc
King’s V & S Variety store
Little Debbie’s/McKee Food Corporation
Home Depot
Back on the Rack
Gifts In Kind International
Feed the Children
Pet Smart

Together, you help Feeding Americas Indian Children and our Program Partners create a positive impact to over thousands of Native American Indians each year who suffer from poverty and hunger.