2014 Trips to the Native American Reservation

Feeding Americas Indian Children had a busy year in 2014 on the Reservations.  Feeding Americas Indian Children passed out over $800,000 dollars of product to the Native American Indian Reservations in New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Guatemala.  Au Inca provided water, rice, beans, food, diapers, blankets, and other necessities to areas where many Native Americans have no running water nor electricity. Youth and Children’s Programs were available to the children in the summer.  Hot meals were served during the summer months. Also, Feeding Americas Indian Children provided many children with new school supplies and backpacks at the beginning of a new school year. A Christmas program was provided where hundreds of children received new toys, bikes, and basketballs.

Feeding Americas Indian Children was able to serve thousands of Native American Indians in America and internationally.  So many families had no food in the house for their children.  Many mothers and fathers cried when they received their food boxes and told us stories about the hunger in their home.  The elderly who could not speak English would smile and give lots of hugs!!  Feeding Americas Indian Children could not do this without the faithful support of our partners!

Our goal is to continue to make a difference in the lives of families living in poor, isolated conditions on the Native American Reservations across the United States of America and in other countries.

Warehouse Update

The charity is operating in a 10,000 square feet warehouse.  We have come along ways from the car wash bays that we use to rent for $75 a month.

The warehouse has two large truck docks. Most of the product is unloaded by a fork lift or pallet jack instead of hands. We are able to load and unload trucks in a short amount of time.

Every year, we are getting an average of 15 semi truck loads of in kind donations.